07 July 2017

The decision was reached in a meeting here, with the logic behind being to avoid duplication of efforts and save in procurement of meteorological... more

12 June 2017

UBIMET, one of the world’s leading meteorology solutions providers, visited you. Why should Nigerians be excited by that? UBIMET is an Austrian company with... more

12 June 2017

The Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NiMet), on Thursday donated some weather forecast equipment to the University of Abuja to upgrade its weather station in... more

12 June 2017

The Nigeria Meteorological Agency (NiMet) is targeting to raise over N100billion in Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) by selling weather information... more

29 May 2017

The Greater Horn of Africa Climate Outlook for the important June to September 2017 rainfall season indicates increased likelihood of near normal rainfall... more

10 April 2017

In many regions of the World, surface weather stations are sparsely located and/or of poor quality.  Existing stations have often been sited incorrectly,... more

03 February 2017

Days of heavy rain have left parts of South Africa under water. The flooding has been at its worst across northeastern parts of the country, where one... more

03 February 2017

Swamps, marshes, floodplains and mangrove forests, all known as wetlands, are a precious resource. In their natural state they provide a range of ... more

03 February 2017

As a climate scientist with a specialty in climate change and variability in Africa, I have had a number of opportunities to visit various regions of Africa... more

02 February 2017

The Ghana Meteorological Agency has competent personnel to carry out its duties but lacks the resources to effectively discharge its mandate, Felicity... more