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Fourth Session of AMCOMET

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO), in collaboration with the African Union Commission (AUC), is convening the Fourth Session of the African Ministerial Conference on Meteorology (AMCOMET-4) which takes place on 21 February 2019 in Cairo, Egypt, hosted by the Egyptian Meteorological Authority. The Technical Segment of AMCOMET is on 18-20 February and Ministerial Segment is on 21 February.

AMCOMET convenes top-level decision-makers together with weather and climate experts to strengthen the continent’s response to challenges of extreme weather and climate change which are undermining sustainable development.

The expected outcomes of the Fourth Session of AMCOMET are as follows:

  • Enhanced understanding of decision makers and related institutions to support science-based decisions that inform policy to mainstream weather, water, climate services into socioeconomic development and promote increased National funding to NMHSs;
  • Concrete policies identified to support NMHSs in Africa develop and retain sustainable skills, expertise and competencies to produce customer-tailored services as well as provide good leadership required to interact effectively with decision makers in government; and
  • Enhanced understanding of and policy recommendation on the added value of engaging in Public Private Partnerships in support of NMHSs to collect and process data and deliver services as required.



Message from the Bureau Chair

Thank you for actively participating during the Third Session of AMCOMET which took place in Praia, Cabo Verde from 10 – 14 February 2015.  The depth and richness of your deliberations has ensured the success of the Session and the approval of the Praia Ministerial Declaration, which outlines our work during the inter-sessional period. 


Third Session of AMCOMET

The Third Session of the African Ministerial Conference on Meteorology (AMCOMET) will take place the 15 to 18 October 2014 in Cabo Verde.  The conference is organized in partnership between the African Union Commission (AUC), World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and the Republic of Cabo Verde.


Integrated African Strategy

During the Second Session of the African Ministerial Conference on Meteorology / African Union Conference of Ministers Responsible for Meteorology, the Ministers adopted the Integrated African Strategy on Meteorology (Weather and Climate Services). 


Third Bureau Meeting

The Third Bureau Meeting took place 13 - 14 September, 2017 at the AUC Headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  During the meeting, Bureau Members and participants were provided an overview of AMCOMET activities and achievements since the Third Session of AMCOMET which took place in Praia, Cabo Verde in February 2015.